Worry-Free™ Business Security
- Advanced Edition

Centralised business security for complete visibility & control

  • Centrally managed from your own
        dedicated server
  • Complete protection for all your employees
  • Specifically designed for small businesses
  • Installs easily and simple to use
  • Stops threats before they reach your
        network & devices

  • Prevents infections from USB drives or emails
  • Filters URLs to block access to
        inappropriate websites
  • Stops spam before it reaches your mail server
  • Safeguards against phishing & social
        engineering attacks
  • Provides easy management of mobile
        device security
  • Compatible with:

  • PCs/Laptops

  • Macs

  • Mobile & Tablet Devices

  • More

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How Worry-Free™ Advanced will Benefit Your Business

Security that keeps pace with your business

Trend Micro Worry-Free™ Advanced business security stops threats in the cloud, before they even reach your business' network or devices, so your business is protected, but not slowed down. This is enabled by Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network. This early warning system gathers millions of pieces of threat data every day, analyses them and prevents the threats from accessing your computer and infiltrating your business. With Worry-Free™ Advanced you will be able to defend your business against viruses, spyware and other malware with minimal IT resources or expertise, ensuring that your doors remain open for business.

The Smart Protection Network is made up of file, web and email reputation services, plus mobile app reputation and network traffic intelligence. These services check the reputation of each file, web URL and email against an extensive in-the-cloud database, in real-time. This means that Trend Micro provides immediate protection without impacting employee productivity because the data crunching is done in the cloud, not on the individuals' device.

Trend Micro's web reputation technology tracks the credibility of web domains based on factors such as the website's age, historical location changes and indications of suspicious activities discovered through malware behaviour analysis. The Web reputation service then continues to scan sites and block users from accessing infected ones.

Trend Micro email reputation technology validates IP addresses by checking them against a reputation database of known spam sources, IPs used for malicious activities and by using a dynamic service that can assess email sender reputation in real time. Click here to read more about Email Security & Anti-Spam.

Trend Micro Smart Feedback provides continuous communication between Trend Micro products and the Smart Protection Network. Each new threat identified during the routine reputation checking of one customer automatically updates the Trend Micro threat databases to help better protect all our customers - consumers, businesses and international enterprises.

Centralised Security Management

Worry-Free™ Advanced provides centralised business security, enabling complete visibility & control to ensure complete online protection for your business and your employees. Establish your own Security Server by installing the Worry-Free web-based management console, which installs security agent software (agents) to all devices on your business network, forming an agent-server relationship that puts you in the driver's seat of keeping your business safe online.

Via the web console, you will be able to deploy the agent software to devices from a centralised location, organise the agents/devices into logical groups for simultaneous configuration and management, set anti-virus and anti-spyware scan configurations and start manual scans on a single or multiple groups as and when necessary. You will also receive notifications and be able to view log reports for threat-related activities and send outbreak alerts to employees.

Security Agents protect devices, and as a result, your employees from security threats. In addition, you can also choose to deploy a Messaging Security Agent from the central web console to protect Microsoft™ Exchange servers from email-borne security threats. The agents send event statuses back to your Security Server, such as threat detection, start-up, shutdown, start of a scan and update completion - all in real-time.

Worry-Free™ business security is designed specifically with small businesses in mind, providing this centralised solution to ensure you stay in complete control to deliver comprehensive protection.

Mobile Device Security Management

Worry-Free™ Advanced business security works with Microsoft™ Active Sync to provide small businesses with integrated mobile device security management and access control.

With Worry-Free Advanced, you will improve security by applying settings including password strength requirements, automatic device lock after being inactive and encryption. In the event of a device being lost or stolen, remote device wipe ensures that your business data cannot be stolen.

It also ensures that all devices meet your security requirements, regardless of whether the mobile devices are provided by the company or employees are bringing their own mobile devices to work.

You also have the flexibility to restrict access to the exchange server based on user, operating system, and/or email client. You can even specify the access granted to specific mailbox components.

Email Security & Anti-Spam

Worry-Free™ Advanced business security includes Trend Micro's Hosted Email Security product to stop unwanted and potentially dangerous spam email from ever reaching your business network or computers. This combined solution is ideally suited to small businesses running Microsoft™ Exchange Server or Microsoft™ Office 365.

Both Worry-Free™ Advanced and Hosted Email Security products utilise Trend Micro's email reputation service. This service validates IP addresses by checking them against a database of known spam sources and dynamically assesses the email sender's reputation in real-time. Reputation ratings are refined through continuous analysis of the IP addresses' "behaviour", including activity and prior history.

Malicious emails include phishing emails, a form of fraud that seeks to fool your employees into providing private information by mimicking a legitimate website. Phishing and other types of malicious emails are blocked "in the cloud" based on the sender's IP address, preventing and stopping threats from reaching your network or employee's devices.

USB Device Protection and Control

Viruses are often transmitted to business computers or laptops via USB sticks. Worry-Free™ business security software reliably blocks threats originating from USB devices.

Worry-Free™ Advanced business security also enables you to control whether employees are allowed to copy data from USB storage to their business devices. For example access can be limited to read-only.

Manage Employee Access and Devices

If you are concerned about certain websites reducing employee productivity, you can limit which websites your employees can access.

You can block your employees from accessing inappropriate websites, with the additional flexibility to prevent access to non-business related websites to certain times of the day For example; you can block access to social media sites and sports pages at all times apart from outside working hours and lunchtimes.

With the use of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Worry-Free™ Advanced also provides the peace of mind that if your employees leave your employment or lose their mobile or tablet you can remotely block and wipe the device, thereby removing any sensitive company information. Compatible with Android, iOS , Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Reasons Why Trend Micro Worry-Free™
is Number One

Specifically Designed & Tailored for Your Business

Trend Micro Worry-Free™ business internet security is the only solution specifically designed for small businesses that includes integrated mobile device security to ensure complete employee protection wherever they are, at home, in the office or on the move.

Trend Micro was recently identified as the worldwide #1* content security provider for small businesses by Canalys, an independent technology analysis firm. This marks the third year in a row where we have been named market segment leader.

Choose to deploy Trend Micro Worry-Free™ business security on your premises (via your own server) or to be hosted by Trend Micro in our in-house data centres, whichever option suits your business.

* Canalys, March 2013. For more information click here

All Device Types Protected

Worry-Free™ business security has been designed to protect your employees and data across a wide range of devices to ensure that your business is completely protected. So whether you choose to use PCs or Macs, Android or iOS, store data in servers or on USB drives, there is a Worry-Free™ solution to meet your business’ security needs.

No IT Expertise Required

Worry-Free™ is the perfect combination for world-class, enterprise level security with the ease of implementation customers expect from consumer products. Implementation and maintenance of Worry-Free™ business internet security requires no IT expertise, ideal for businesses with no or limited IT staff. This easy approach to managing business security will enable you to concentrate on your business, not worrying or using up valuable hours on the protection of it.

Business Performance Not Compromised

Worry-Free™ business security will protect your business without impacting device performance and therefore employee productivity. This is possible, because Trend Micro stops threats in the cloud, before they even reach your business’ network and devices. This is achieved by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which just like a watchful neighbour keeps an eye on potential threats attempting to enter your business’ infrastructure. Every day this early warning system gathers millions of pieces of threat data, analyses them and prevents threats from accessing your computer and infiltrating your business.

To put this into context, every day the smart protection network:

  • Identifies and blocks 200+ million threats
  • Has 1,000+ security experts working on surveillance and prevention
  • Correlates 16+ billion web, email and file queries
  • Analyses more than 6 terabytes of threat data

Visibility & Control to Protect Your Livelihood

Worry-Free™ business internet security provides you with a centralised web-based management interface and a comprehensive set of features to ensure you have the visibility and control needed to assure you that your business, data and employees are safe online:

  • Check security status at-a-glance and access easy-to-read security reports
  • Defend against viruses, spyware and other malware/threats
  • Filter out inappropriate websites that you do not want your employees to visit
  • Prevent business data from being shared
  • Safeguard your business against phishing and social engineering attacks

Compare Trend Micro Worry-Free™ Products

Choose the right edition for your business. If you...
Worry-Free™ Services Edition
Worry-Free™ Advanced Edition
Worry-Free™ Standard Edition
Have little or no in-house IT support
Need a maintenance-free solution    
Prefer solution to be hosted by Trend Micro    
Want automatic updates by Trend Micro
Prefer to host and manage the solution yourself  
Need security management for remote employees    
Need antivirus and protection for mobile devices 1  
Own PCs and/or Macs
Own Servers (File, Email, Print)
Have a Microsoft™ Exchange™ Server    
Your email provider/mail server does not stop spam/other email viruses 2    
Use Google Apps or Office 365 for your email    

1 For Microsoft™ Exchange™ ActiveSync users only.

2 Hosted Email Security, sold separately

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